Eko-Ende delicacies you must absolutely try out

If you ever find yourself at Eko-Ende, you simply cannot leave without indulging in our mouth-watering selection of delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

#1. Fresh water fish with ewedu soup

One of the most effortless methods to imply that you are from Eko-Ende without verbally expressing it is to state your fondness for fresh water fish. The renowned delicacies of Eko-Ende are scrumptious fresh water fish and ewedu.

#2. Pounded yam

We are proud sons of Oduduwa, of course we love our pounded yam. You have to be careful when ordering pounded yam in Eko-Ende, it could taste so good, you never want to leave our town. Talk of pounded yam with absolutely zero “koko”.

#3. Lafun

Lafun is not just amala that went to Havard, it’s our surest bet, if you ever want a tag team to go with your “eja tutu” and ewedu soup. Your need to be where we make this delicacy, those people don’t play! Remember if the lafun is made in Eko-Ende, by Eko-Ende, it maintains its maximum elasticity!

#4. Palm wine

Have you ever wondered what town has the finest, freshest palm wine in Nigeria? Well we won’t brag about this come and have some for yourself and help us tell your friends the difference.

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