Eko-Ende delicacies you must absolutely try out If you ever find yourself at Eko-Ende, you simply cannot leave without indulging in our mouth-watering selection of delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. #1. Fresh water fish with ewedu soup One of the most effortless methods to imply that you are from Eko-Ende without […]

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Otin River

The Great Otin River of Eko-Ende The Otin River is a top tourist attraction, offering visitors a scenic journey through 36 kilometers of breathtaking views with a peak discharge of 76.01 cubic meters per second. The Eko-Ende Dam, which forms a reservoir that provides potable water to nearby communities, unfortunately flooded Oba farmlands during its

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EKO-ENDE TRANSPORT At Eko-Ende, we take great pride in our highly organized transportation system that ensures your comfort and convenience at affordable rates. Our commitment to providing exceptional service means you can rely on us for a stress-free journey every time.

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EKO-ENDE HEALTH At Eko-Ende, we prioritize the well-being of our mothers, so we make sure to focus on maternal health, mental health, and physical exercise. One of the activities we highly recommend for physical activity is swimming, as it provides numerous benefits for the body and mind.

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EKO-ENDE AGRICULTURE At Eko-Ende Agriculture, our main focus is on sustainable farming practices that help us preserve our heritage and maintain the quality of our products. We take great pride in our commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious agriculture, and this dedication is reflected in every aspect of our work.

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Eko-ende EDUCATION At Eko-Ende, we firmly believe that quality education is essential for every individual to thrive, beginning with early childhood education, continuing through primary and secondary schooling, and culminating in tertiary education. Our goal is to foster and offer an outstanding learning environment that prepares students with the skills they require to reach their

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